This course reviews subject areas of the National Electrical Code(NFPA 70) applicable to the North Carolina SP-FA/LV (Special Fire Alarm/Low-Voltage) license classification examination, as well as the administrative requirem ents of the NCBEEC and the use of the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72). The course emphasizes Code requirements that may not be familiar to the typical installer of low-voltage and power-limited circuits for security and fire alarm systems, but that are important for successfully taking the qualifying examination. These areas include:

  • Calculating conductor ampacity
  • Calculating conduit fill
  • Calculating box fill
  • Identifying conductors for specific applications
  • Identifying and providing overcurrent protection for power-limited circuits
  • National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72-2007)

Please note that the SP-LV license classification was changed, effective January, 2010, to the SP-FA/LV classification and that there are now 15 questions about fire alarm systems on the examination. Students completing the course should have a better understanding of installation and wiring methods for these systems, including requirements from other important NEC Articles. It will help people who need to pass the examination, as well as those who simply need a general review course. This course covers the relevant sections of the NEC in great detail and is very fast-paced.