At the heart of every building’s security program is the Security Operations Center (SOC). Card Access, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Radio Communications, Emergency Intercoms, Paging Systems… all that technology in your organization has to go somewhere! The SOC is the eyes, ears, and voice of your security program, yet many organizations overlook this critical component simply shove the operation into a small, forgotten room somewhere in the basement.

A comprehensive approach to a proper SOC design includes understanding the mission of your security program, the risk profile of the facilities it will be monitoring, and the technologies that will be deployed in that mission. Our consultants have designed SOCs over the years for many fortune 1000 companies and government entities. Taking into consideration industry best practices, customer specific requirements, future expansion, and architectural and engineering drivers, we develop a comprehensive design that includes CAD drawings, installation details, specifications, and 3D renderings to accurately describe the operation and intent of your security operations center. The result is a functional, dynamic, and expandable security center that operates as the core of your security program.

Sample SOC Drawing designed by Protective Resources

SOC Drawing Example